How do you connect 'Date Picker's' value to input/display?

Problem: Text display fields do not show data based on condition of ‘date pickers’ value

Created a video for explanation:

Currently data is entered and referenced by created or modified date, seems like it should be a 'condition or variable" of the ‘date picker’?

  • Need to input data now stored for later today or days in the future:

    • To display the input data wondering how to tie input data to date picker value, not the day actually inputted
    • Example: input Today, for 12/31/2020
  • Next, when revisiting future date or even revisiting today:

    • Need existing data to display without having to click on ‘date picker’
    • If data exists for today, show “Group display” automatically, hide “Group input”
    • Currently the text display fields are referencing the data by modified date (not ‘date picker’)

How might this be solved (condition or a variable tied from the date picker’s value)?