Condition won't disappear when removed

He there,

could anybody please confirm or explain the following bug-like behavior? After creating conditions in the Conditional Tab of a multiline input element I want to delete some of them. But instead of disappearing they leave an empty canvas behind which won’t go away when pushing “remove condition”. In order to make the canvas disappear, you have to move it down the chain using “move down”, up to the end. Once the canvas hits the end, it disappears.

Thanks for any idea of what could be causing this strange behavior.

Regards, O.

I’ve seen this too. I think it’s a bug.
Bothersome, but not terrible.

If you can find a good reproduction case please file a bug report so that we can hunt that down.

I’ve encountered it a handful of times.

To get rid of it, shuffle the order of the conditions (ie. push the erroneous one to either the top or the bottom of the list - can’t remember which off hand). Doing that usually made it disappear.

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