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Conditional Formatting based on a Dynamic DropDown selection

I have a dynamically driven dropdownlist and based on the user selection i need to show a differing set of inputs.

For example the Dropdown calls the “fruit” database and if the user selects “Orange” then the input field “Orange Colour” needs to show… But if the user selects “Apple” then a differing input will show or hide etc… PS. The dropdown is not a static list

Cant seem to find a solution - any help please

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Hi there, @wayne.dejager… you mention that a custom data type is the choices source for the dropdown. Just a thought… if it doesn’t have to be a data type, you might want to consider having the fruits in an option set, and the option set could be the choices source for the dropdown.

Then, a condition such as the following could be added to an input element in order for the element to show up when a certain option is selected.

One more thought… you mention that you need to show “a differing set of inputs” when each option is selected. If more than one input is being shown, you probably want to consider grouping the inputs and putting the conditional on the group so that you don’t have to put the same conditional on multiple inputs.

Anyway, all just food for thought, and I hope it helps.


@mikeloc , Appreciate your quick response.

Your suggestion is great as i do know the “predefined” variable name of the dynamic dropdown list that I would like to trigger a differing input ( ie. in the example - Orange will be in the dropdown dataset. ) I had tried this but it wasn’t validating my text “Orange” when I entered it but found my problem - I wasn’t evaluating down to the inputs text field but rather just the actual dropdown list ( also named Orange ( for the sake of the forum post ) so I’ve changed to "Parent Groups Oranges Orange is Orange ) LOL

Its now validating in Blue but not working …grrr I will spend more time on this and revert

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