Conditional formatting based on text field value not working

I’m trying to change the font color of a text field when the field contains either of two values.

I suspect I’m missing something really basic, as I remember doing this in the past at some point.

As you can see from the image, I’m trying both “is” and “contains” in an effort to match a fixed string. Neither is working.

Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong?


Did you inspect in debug mode?
You will see exactly what the condition see too :wink:

Contains usually applies to lists

What type of field is “contact email addr”?

It’s a text field, but when “is” didn’t work, I tried “contains” for the other conditional expression.

I had not, and for some weird reason that is never the first thought that comes to my mind, even though it should be.

However, when I did so, I got to a step that is seemingly unrelated, where the debugger reported an Unexpected error and advised me to submit a bug report, which I have now done.

I think you missed the “value” of the field at the end, and before the “contains”.

Field’s value contains

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The “value” operator must be appended to input field values. This is a text field. There is not even an option to say so.

OK. Bubble fixed the unrelated issue that was preventing me from testing this. I have now tested it.

Unfortunately, in the Design view, I’ve set a Conditional on the contents of the underlying text DB field, which the debugger does not show, which I should have realized. Conditionals are not a workflow action.

As such, I’m now where I was before.

I set a conditional, and the expected behavior does not occur.

Well… This is embarrassing.

The issue was the quote marks around the text literal.

Current cell’s UrlProcessingQueue’s ContactEmailAddr is “Email addr not found”

Current cell’s UrlProcessingQueue’s ContactEmailAddr is Email addr not found

It started working!


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