Error: "Contains" Works Like "="

I don’t know if this is just something I’ve been experiencing, but a simple search component isn’t working as it should. Instead of matching and filtering based on contains, my repeating group only shows the correct results once I type an exact match. Has anyone else encountered this problem and know what I can do to fix it?


Contains works differently depending on what you are operating on, a text field or a list.

If you want to do a partial search on a list, or rather a field in a list, then you need to do a filter.

I’m using a simple text field.

OK, so yes it does work a little weirdly.

It does not do a partial search … so app won’t find apple.

Is that what you are wanting to do ?


As @NigelG points out above, doing a contains in a search constraint behaves differently than in a :filtered modifier. In a search constraint on a text field a contains will only find full words, so “apple” is found in the string “find me an apple” but “app” will not be found.

However in a :filtered modified search (but only using the Advanced option,) a contains operator will find partial text in a text string. Performance with this is not ideal for large lists, but for small search lists, it is fine.


Ah. I get it. I’ve never run into the Advanced filter concept before. It’s working now. Thanks @NigelG and @mebeingken!

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Will the standard :filtered option search for full words like the search constraint?

This stumped me until google brought me to this page. Thanks!