Conditional formatting when value changes

I have an input field which is a total of numbers from other input fields. The input is disabled but I’d like it to be briefly highlighted when the value changes. Is this possible, I cant work out how to do it from the conditional formatting rules?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey @john6

Take a look at this to see if it will work for you:

There are three inputs, that are added together with an expression element (perhaps not specifically needed, but I just like to calculate in an expression for consistency. Fourth input is the total, which has conditions and transitions.

There is a workflow that calls a custom event anytime a field is changed. That workflow sets a custom state, waits a period of time, and then resets the custom state.

The result is a total that glows red when an input is changed.

In my example though, the status bar is showing, during the delay which isn’t desirable. That seems to be a bug though, since there is an explicit option on the delay action to hide it. Maybe bubble can help there.


Thanks Ken. I can see what you’ve done and its exactly what I was looking for. I ‘think’ I followed your workflow but it’s not working for me so I’ll have to revisit tomorrow and take a fresh look.

Thanks for your help with this, much appreciated.

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