Conditional on an API workflow being ignored

Hi Bubble!

I’ve been struggling with this tiny issue for weeks now and it is driving me nuts. I am hoping there is a bubble expert out there that can help me solve this one!

I have a series of API workflows that import data from an external database and create new records in my bubble database. The final step in this series is to actually create the new thing/record - and I have a condition on this step stating that it should only happen if that record doesn’t already exist in the database (using unique key: “plaid transaction id” or “id”). Unfortunately, it seems that bubble is ignoring this condition and creating new the records regardless.

Below are a few photos outlining this series of events.




Does anyone have any idea why this condition seems to be ignored?

Really appreciate any suggestions!


Hi Jazzy! If your still having issues with this reach out and maybe I can help!

Hi Rosshelton,

Appreciate your offer! The bubble support team actually helped me get to the bottom of this one.

In case it’s helpful to others, the problem was that my privacy settings prevented the workflow/api from accessing the database and actually checking for duplicates before executing the workflow step. Tweaking the privacy settings to allow workflow/api access fixed the issue.

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