Workflow Conditionals... Conditionals Missing (Case => Do)

Hi There,

Why do Bubble does not have a conditional workflow like

  • Case XXXX Do YYYY
  • Case ZZZZ Do WWW

That Should be part of Workflow Core IMHO, like here, but as Workflow itself…
Smthg like…

I miss that a lot, in Backend Workflow and in Frontend Workflow

Any workarround in Backend Worflow?

Tks in advance!

Bubble has this.
On the main workflow (where the workflow card is and the workflow name) you can specify when a workflow can run.

So 1 button can do many things depending on……if the user is logged in….if the user is logged out…. Etc.

Is this what you mean?

It does have conditions (but very limited IMHO)…

I wanna do the following:

Step2 .: Looks if a Client Exists
Step3 .: Creates a Client if it is not found in DB
Step4 .: Creates a Msg (Puts as Client Step2 or Step3 according if it exists or if it was create at Step3)

What I have to do.:
Step4.: Put as a client Step2 (Even if it does not exists… - the first condition)
Step5.: Put as client Step3 (if client was created in this workflow - the second condition)

It is a workaround… gives sometimes a lot of steps to reach where I wanna…

It should have smthg like
Case XXXX This => Do That
Case YYYY This => Do That

Isn’t it?

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