Conditionally shown form elements in repeating group

Hi there - quite new user here but I’ve completed the lessons and been working on first project.

I’ve hit a blocker with conditionally shown elements within repeating groups.

I have a repeating group, each cell containing a set of form fields - one dropdown and three text inputs. The form fields are pre-populated with the values stored against those fields for the relevant data type. Think a “quick edit” grid.

The form fields display fine, are populated fine and save new values fine.

The challenge is that I want the three text inputs to be shown conditionally based on the selected value in the dropdown.

I’ve set the relevant conditions on the text input and the conditions work correctly - showing / hiding the appropriate text fields - when the repeating group is initially loaded. But if I then change the value of the dropdown it does not seem to have an effect on the visibility of the text fields in that cell.

What have I missed?

Any pointers gratefully received!


Hi @kathatmat, are your conditions set on the dropdown’s value or the current cell’s value?

Ahah - that’s it! I was setting the condition on the current cell value and not on the dropdown.

Thank you - exactly the direction I needed.

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Glad it’s working :slight_smile: