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Selecting a repeating group's cell from a dropdown's value

1- I’ve got a dropdown with a list of value, for a specific User’s field.
2- I’ve got a repeating group, with User’s cells containing different User’s fields.

I’d like to display the cells containing the field that is selected in the dropdown, and cannot figure out how to do this. I’m pretty sure there is something with the “Conditional” in the Repeating group properties but cannot figure out.

Any clue on how to do that please ?

You can’t really hide / show cells based on conditions, but you can restrict the search based on conditions. For instance, change the data source of the repeating group in some specific states (conditional tab). Another thing you can do is show hide text elements in the cells based on what is in the dropdown.

Are you able to use the :Filtered tag at the end of your data source and then choose that dropdown?