Conditionaly Hide Items in List

Hi All,

I have a very simple notification center where it is showing users who have ‘checked in’ in the admin dashboard. I want to hide it from the list after they click open, but am having a hard time doing so after trying all the types of conditionals.

Any help is appreciated.





Also: If anyone can tell me if it’s possible and if so how to have multiple data types in one repeating group that would be incredibly helpful. I.e. also include the ‘check outs’ list in the same section with same conditional logic.

When open button is clicked. Make changes to current cell’s checkin

Your search for data source/ checkins should have a conditional, open=no

You could have a repeating group within a repeating group and make some calculations but it gets very messy. So no you cant really have multiple data types in a repeating group.

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