Hide cell of repeating group if not visible

Hello everyone,

I am stuck in a problem where I want to hide the space of a repeating group cell if the condition matches with that cell.

As you can see the space in red box, I want to hide this space as my condition is matching with the cell which are hidden but there space is still here.

How can I do it?

@mikeloc @adamhholmes

in layout settings check the box for collapse when not visible

@boston85719 it is already checked

You don’t hide cells in a repeating group… you use constraints/filters on the repeating group’s data source to make sure only the relevant items are being shown.

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I am already using “minus list” operator.

The feature I want here is I am showing a RG of Jobs. Jobs are of two type (Video UGC and Photo UGC).

Now suppose a user can see two Video UGC jobs of XYZ Company and he apply one of them. After getting approved from the company the job is started. Now remaining one job of Video UGC will not visible to that user because that user is currently working for same type of job for same brand.

After that ongoing job is completed then that hidden Video UGC job will be available for that user.

Your reply doesn’t change my answer. :slight_smile:

You need a constraint/filter that removes jobs that are of the same type and for the same company as the user’s in-progress job.

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Show the screen shot of it checked as well as the screen shot of the conditional you have placed onto the element you are trying to hide.

Confirm what is that space supposed to be showing…is it an entire entry or is it some value set from an entry

Screenshot of checked :

Screenshot of condition on cell:

Yeah sounds like whats missing is another list of in progress jobs and then just filter that using a constraint.

You should have the collapse when hidden checked, the show on page load unchecked and the condition should be set so as to determine when to show…now, that is for when you want an element to be visible or not based on a condition.

In your case, it seems that you are just trying to hide an entire result from a repeating group, not hiding certain elements within an RG cell that display specific data fields of a result, so you likely do just need to figure a way to show only the results that are supposed to be shown via the datasource of the repeating group.

How I will get a list of all progress jobs which are of same types like in RG jobs?

How I will get a list of all progress jobs which are of same types like in RG jobs?