Configuration help of web3/marketplace app needed

I’m new to web3 be aware.
I got a template from the marketplace here on bubble and a bunch of plugins and paid for a year here at bubble for th$ app.
For the life of me I can’t get it to function correctly.
So, I need a web3 experienced individual to help. I’m self funded so I can’t pay an outrageous amount, but I can pay you,. The templates maker said he was too busy to help me even getting paid. Here’s one or two changes I’d like to it. Which shouldn’t be too hard as I already have API’s and smart contracts in place.

-change it from rarible minting to polygon minting
—connect the coin swap/exchange that’s included in the template (if able, otherwise I will end up iframing my external DEX that I own already.

Respond here or prefer:
With flat cost to me, start date available, time frame expected til completion.


@spacialfeature hello.

I would like to help you with this configuration, can you write me a DM in order to discuss the further details?

I’m available anytime!