We add #lowkeyweb3 minting to a plain publishing template live

Hi everyone,

I know there are a lot of builders who may not be building a strictly web3 app but we have been finetuning and iterating on ways to introduce web3 features into any existing web2 template, for example, Generative NFT creation and minting. So for example, we are going to take a plain publishing template (like substack) and turn it into an on-chain publishing app in less than an hour. To do this we’ll use a couple of plugins together:

Web3auth (social and email login)

Web3Storage (for IPFS peer to peer file storage)

Thirdweb (for all things NFT)

Element to Capture (for generating images in-app)

If you are interested we will be live streaming and recording on youtube this Thursday at 3pm EST.