Confirming a users password to complete an action

I want to make a user confirm their password when they are submitting a request to delete their account:

When the user selects Delete account:

  • I want to run a workflow only if the entered password matches the user’s current password.
  • If it doesn’t, I’ll return an error to the page (I’ll set a state).


Hi there,… you need the Check password for the current user workflow action, so check that out. Oh, and interestingly enough, the manual literally uses deleting an account as the example for that action, so again, it should be exactly what you need.


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Thanks Mike,
My understanding is that the workflow terminates if the pw isn’t correct, and proceeds if it is.

When it terminates, how do know this in the UI? Is there a return value I can access anywhere?

Like it says at the link, when the password is incorrect, the workflow stops and a message is displayed to the user. If you want to see the message, give it a quick test.

Note that you can change the message on the Settings >> Languages tab.

Also note that if you don’t want to display the default error message dialog, you can use the An unhandled error occurs workflow action to display your own alert.

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