Help, confirmation of current password

Hello, I’m trying to make sure that when an input doesn’t match with the curent user’s password, we can’t go to the next step. This is what I tried to do but it doesn’t work. It puts an alert “your current password is invalid” but it still goes to the next step which I don’t want. Does anyone have a solution?

I would like a condition that says: go to next step only when the current user’s password matches the password in the input

Have you tried Check password for the current user action?

This action checks a value against the ‘Current user’s password.’ If the password is correct, the workflow continues. Otherwise, it stops and displays a message to the user. Use this to validate the password before an important operation, such as deleting an account.

Just click require password confirmation.

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That’s what I did, I already tested it. There is an alert that says that the current password is not good but it still goes to the next step of the workflow. I think it’s a problem of conditions and workflow here

Oh gotcha, yeah no matter the sucess or failure of an operation Bubble will continue the workflow.

In that case, have an event that awaits the event UPDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS then continue the workflow.

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it worked thx!

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