Confused with 'Privacy'

Hi all,

In my app I have multiple types of users (who fill in personal details) who either:

  • Create companies (their UserType becomes Founder)
  • Create investment companies (their UserType becomes Founder)

Companies have a dashboard which let them upload their company data and they can publish their company which means investors can see it on their dashboard.

Currently, in the app, the UserType defines which dashboard a user see’s when logging in and i have many rules based on UserType and a few conditions as such.

I am confused with how Bubble’s privacy section works. There are certain points of information that a user must upload that I don’t want investors to see (such as proof of ID / Address). Currently there are conditions in order to view them but must i set up privacy rules on each individual workflow? Would a non-current user be able to see another user’s uploads without privacy rules in place?

Is this sufficient to ensure no one else except the current user who is logged on can see his data?

Any guidance would be much appreciated as very confused

You could setup a condition where When Current User’s UserType is Founder, certain fields are visible and for the rest, these fields are not visible. This should help restrict data effectively.

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