1 very simple privacy rule is not working - 6 hours in, I'm lost

it’s a simple logic.

user’s “privacy is set to private” - don’t show anything.

everyone else - show the rest.

not working. (yes, I’ve checked DB to make sure “private set to yes” + yes, i have watched every possible video I could find on this, from bubble.io to youtube)

logged in! and I see everything :woman_shrugging:


One way to approach this is to start from the bottom.

The box below is for everyone. What do you want everyone to see? Check all or selective boxes

In your current PR you have nothing selected. No way the PR can work if you are telling that it cannot see any of that.

The ONLY other privacy rule I have is one for when the Current User is This User and is Logged In.

And, “Everyone Else” at the bottom has many items checked - all that is public.

I’m simply trying to give my users a chance to hide their data to the public… because by default “everyone else” has many items checked.

Thanks for trying to help :pray:


Have a look at the screenshot, please:

  1. Uncheck all boxes from the bottom section;
  2. Create a new privacy rule called, for instance, Profile Public:
    This User's Profile Private is "no"
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Think about privacy rules as permission “doors” that let users see things. Per Bubble’s manual, “When multiple rules apply, the user has access to an object if any one rule grants access to it.” It’s kind of like securing a house – locking one door is irrelevant if there is another door that is open.


I would try what @lottemint.md suggests…

  1. Unclick all “Everyone else” permissions – this essential hides all the data unless the user meets a condition you set up.
  2. Set up a permission for if the user is logged in and this user’s profile private is no, then the user can see stuff
  3. Set up an additional permission if this user is current user, then they can see stuff

And for clarity – “this user” being the user record, and “current user” being the one logged in.

And obviously test all the scenarios to ensure they work the way you want.



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Very grateful, everyone! I just took a long walk with the dog, I’m going to jump back in this. Truth be told - I’m setting up 3 privacy rules. 1 is “public” 2 is “only me” and 3 is “only other user’s who are logged in can see your data”. with out the “Current is is Logged Out” option, it does complicate it (but I understand why Bubble doesn’t do that).

Natural that I think “public” is “everyone else” but between @lottemint.md 's suggestion and @ed727 analogy (I love analogies, thanks! :sweat_smile:) - I don’t know who to give the “Solution” too!

@cmarchan thank you VERY much for the video - I’m going to watch them now to solidify it all in my :brain:

Grateful for the community :metal: