Connect Bubble form (formfields) with Wordpress Gravity Forms


Can somebody help me explaining how I should connect my Bubble app to my WordPress Gravity Forms? On my WordPress site, it is a post submission form. My bubble app is only going to be formfields to fill in the same questions as in my WP gravity forms.

I want to, when ‘send’ is clicked, the form fields will be connected to the same values as on WordPress / my Gravity post submission form.

Some one please tell me what is the best way to do that, I have Integromat.

Thanks in advance,

Hi. I haven’t yet started my bubble app, but it sounds like you have two options.
You connect to the gravity rest api and create a new entry using the data from the bubble fields. Or. On submission of the bubble form you load the normal Wordpress page containing the gravity form, but you prepopulate all the fields using query string eg
You first need to configure each gravity field on the form to be dynamically populated - its in the options in the form editor.
In this case the form will still need to be actually submitted , so this will be twice the user has to submit.