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Sending data to Bubble DB from Wordpress website via API

Hi Team,

I’m looking to engage a web developer to build a responsive sign-up form for us on our Wordpress website, and i would assume that the responses of the form will be sent to our Bubble DB over an API?

What would be the process to send data into a Bubble DB from a Wordpress website?

Forgive me for not knowing the full terms or a complete understanding of the process, hence why i use to program!



You WP dev will just need to do an API call to something like …

In the API Workflow section of your Bubble App, you will define the parameters, and the subsequent actions.

They can see how it works here …

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Thanks @NigelG

One other question, my developer has just stated the following:

Jake, I have reviewed the URL, It is not working as we want. We were expecting the plan data in the form of Json or XML through API URL so that we can display at wordpress end.

Currently it is showing in UI form which is not appropriate for us.

We want in JSON or XML format so that we can run on wordpress through PHP

At the moment my developer is trying to fetch information from a database in our bubble app to display on our website.


Happen to know anything here?

That’s not what you asked for !

The “Get” data API is different.

You will call something like

To get the plan data. That is in JSON form.

Any information on how to do this on the WordPress side?

Not a clue, sorry.

I think it’s going to be a webhook from the form builder. Thanks for checking in NigelG. It’s been awhile. :slight_smile:

Hello :wave: