Connect Content in Repeating Group with Reusable Header

Hey Guys, need a bit of help.

I want to change the content in the repeatable group, based on the text in the header dropdown. So when the user selects a website in the dropdown, the content is changed on the page.

Any Suggestions?

  • Header is reusable element
  • Content is in a repeating group
  • Content in another page need to be changed as well based on the selected header test.

Please let me know!

Too intricate to go into detail. Here some general guidelines:

  • Since you have a reusable element then url parameters and/or custom states should be involved in the conditionality that you build
  • Set the rg search to constraints coming from the dropdown’s selection
  • The other page is somewhat irrelevant here. It becomes relevant when you navigate to it. Then you can use conditionality to ensure that when you get there the correspondent content will show.

Hey Cmarchan,

Thank you for the reply! Custom states are working, but I can’t get my RG search constrained with the dropdowns selection.

The dropdown is the website URL and the RG search filters for Advices. And because every website has a different businessmodel. The advices need to be matched with the websites businessmodel “Ecommerce” for example.

How would you get this done?

Not enough context to understand details about your build.

In short, you should consider setting up the database (things, fields, and relations among things) so that search functionality in your rg can work with constraints like @gregjohnkeegan describes in this instructive video > Filtering Repeating Groups | Tutorial

This is a nice guide of how to configure a database by the good folks at Zeroqode @vladlarin How to Configure Database in Bubble

Perhaps the above might seem too basic. I recommend to watch them again nonetheless an re-think your dB structure. When you relate data types (things) well … things become easier. Many folks say that setting up the dB is practically the build of the app. I concurr.

I could not find a tutorial on connecting reusables. Just know that you can connect them through custom states, url parameters, and a special custom event called “trigger a custom event from a reusable element”.

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