Reusable Repeating Group requires a Thing instead of List of Things

Hello, Bubble community.

I have multiple Repeating Groups that have same Data type (named “Developer”) and are located on different pages. So their design is the same. The only difference is that I apply different constraints in “Do a search for…” on each page. So I’ve decided to use a reusable Repeating Group to make it easier to manage its responsive properties and style in one place.

The problem is that when I add my reusable RG on the page and try to “Do a search for…” - I get and error “Data source should be Developer but right now it is a list of Developers”:

I’ve also successfully tested 2 other ways to manage data source of reusable RG:
1. In reusable Repeating Group I’ve added a WF “When page is loaded” with one action “Display list”. So as soon as my page loads - reusable RG displays correct content.
2. Created a new custom state (text) on reusable RG level. This custom state is populated with the name of the page on page load. And in the “conditional” tab of the reusable RG I have a “Do a search for…” based on the custom state. This approach works too - reusable RG displays correct content.

So I can’t understand why I get that error while trying to “Do a search for…” in reusable RG placed on a page asking me for a Thing, but not a List of Things as it should be with repeating groups. Any hints? What I’m missing?

Your screenshot show a group and not a RG. This is why it doesn’t work.

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Ah, good catch! I’ve just checked 2 options of creating a reusable Repeating Group (“new reusable” in UI Builder and “convert to a reusable element” in the menu). Both options create a parent Group container, so my newly created or converted RG is treated as a child element (that’s what I didn’t pay attention to while trying to root cause my data source error described above):

In the element tree they are shown as equal, but in fact RG is a child of Group container. How can I take my RG out of the Group?

From what I know, it’s not possible to create a RG resuable element (allowed reusable type are group, floating and popup)

It seems you are right. Just made some quick tests - all elements (except Group/Popup/Floating Group) after converting into a reusable element are placed in a parent Group container by default. So it’s not possible to make Repeating Group as a true independent (being a parent container by itself) reusable element.

So in my case I’ll have to choose between simplicity of maintaining responsive and styles as well as the complexity of data source management via different WFs/customs states [while using RG in a reusable parent Container] or vice versa [using a bunch of same looking RGs on different pages but with much easier data source management].

Ty for your help @Jici !


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