Connect External Database ( local database in my country ) to

“I have a local server with a database management system installed, and I would like to use it as an external database for my Bubble app. How can I connect my local server to Bubble and use it as a data source? What are the steps I need to follow, and are there any specific configurations or settings I should be aware of? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.” Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!"

Check for plugins that can explain the full process to you. I know there are SQL plugins and Firebase plugins so just search for whatever type of database you use and I am sure the plugin will explain. Alternatively you can connect to data by using the API Connector and backend workflows if you have api endpoints that can be used to fetch and update data in your external database.

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I understood you , thank you for answer :revolving_hearts:

Use the SQL Connector or if you’re already using Azure/AWS make a functions app and put your queries there and make the API call thru the API Connector.

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