Connect Manychat to apps

Hello, has anyone ever tried to connect manychat’s chat bot to a bubble app, I currently have my chat bot connected to telegram, so each time I receive a new order an action sends a message to telegram with all the details of the orders (customized message with Custom Fields from manychat), so I’m trying to achieve the same with my bubble app, I recently paid and installed a plugin to connect bubble with manychat
but it’s not working, and it has no documentation at all, further more I tried to connect with the author and it seems like the email doesn’t even exist, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot!

This is the message error I got when I try to use one of the actions of this plugin, (I’ve already connected my manychat’s API)

Try your token on the page referenced below and see if it works. Your token should be Bearer <your token>

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Ok, I got it, now I tested my token but I got the same error that before “wrong format token”, what should I do :thinking:

Hey I finally I got it right!! I forgot to put "Bearer " and hit a space between that and my api token, thanks a lot!!

If anyone is having the same issue you can check this video out, it has a lot more info on the subjetc;