Connect Shopify with Bubble using oauth

I need serious help before I smash my head through drywall. I’ve been trying to connect Bubble with Shopify’s API. I’ve created a “Partner” account with Shopify, created an app, set the whitelisted redirect URL as the primary website through Bubble.

Every time I have tried to install the app on my developer test store, it goes straight to my Bubble website, there are no other redirects that occur.

Shopify uses oauth but I have no clue how to set this up properly using Bubble’s API Connector.

I’ve added the keys in what I thought were the appropriate boxes but I’ve sinced backtracked to start from scratch.

I was getting max redirect errors when I used the URL provided by Shopify for authentication and couldn’t figure that out.

How do you authenticate your Bubble website with Shopify via their API and how in the world do you get your test app installed on your developer store with Shopify? Anyone with experience in this? Thanks!


Hi there, have you had Any luck with this? I am also trying to find out if this is possible.
Thank you.


Would love to know if you figured this out.

Hi guys, I figured out how to do this. Do you still need help?


Yes please, how?

Can you help us