Connect users based on Lists of Interest (OR search criteria)

Hi there,

I am bumping around this for a while now and fail to find a good solution. I have users which sign up and select from a long list of checkboxes an unlimited amount of Things (interests such as travel, sports, reading, etc.)
) they want. I store these selections in lists of Interests for each user. Now I want to match users if they share a common interest and propose them in a repeating group. How do I formulate the search criteria that it shows all users which share at least one common interest with the current user?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Bonus question: is there a smarter way to store the selected interests than have a dedicated workflow for each checkbox?

You probably want to use …

So you will filter your list of users using something like …

Maybe :slight_smile:

Be interested to know if it works !

(it seems to).

Thanks @NigelG ! it took me a few days to properly implement but it seems to work :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Very nice workaround idea! However, seems to me like quite a hassle for a simple OR request…

Well it isn’t really a simple OR.

If you just had a couple of choices, then it would not be as complex - but here we are looking for the intersection of x values that could be dynamic.

Hey @PascalSt
I’d like to know how you did the checkbox interests and assigned it to the users. I’m really struggling with this. (Also did you find a smarter way around each individual checkbox?)

Alex :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
no I had to implement a workflow for each individual checkbox. Add to list once checkbox is clicked, delete if checkbox is unclicked. Produces a lot of workflows though.

Hope that helps!

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your quick reply, especially since this thread is already 1 year old!

Did you use the repeat group for the checkboxes? Because I can’t manage to assign a different “interest” to each checkbox when using repeat groups. I also just started using Bubble, so I’m still a bit lost.
I don’t want the users to create those “interests”. I want to create them myself and then give the users the choice to select from it.

Basically, did you create a new “type” called “Interests” and then added fields to it with name=sports and the type=text and “field is a list” so you could add ‘basketball’ and 'football and other sports under the same category?

I hope you understand what I mean. :blush:

I think at this part I’m basically trying to make the very same thing you created. It’s for a class at university.

Thank you already so much! :slight_smile:

I am interested in seeing how you stored the selections in your database? Could you let me know how you set up the database and workflow for the checkboxes?