Help with matching users based on what they click


In my bubble app there are service providers and help seekers.

Service providers can select multiple services they are capable of, and offer them. Help seekers can select multiple services they need help with and find help.

My goal with my repeating group is to “do a search for service providers” who are within a “20 mile radius” and “offer the same service”. The problem I am having is that in my data types for Service Provider and Help Seeker, the services are a list. So when I try to match based on the services selected I have to choose “last item” as the final line in my constraint. This limits the range of users who can be matched. I just want users to be able to see all of their options and other people who have selected one of the same services as them.

would anyone know how to help with this? Its basic but I am struggling with it.

Heyy @kryptoluna1234
I’m here again. Can you leave here link to your editor or make a google meet so you share?

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