Connect web & app platforms

Hello - is there a way in Bubble to connect the mobile app with the web app so data can be easily shared across the 2 for a seamless experience or does it have to be built as 2 separate platforms?

What are you using to build the mobile app?

I’m using Bubble to build the mobile app and I’d like to build the web version simultaneously in Bubble.

I would do it all from within the same project. I’m not familiar with building the mobile app directly in Bubble, so maybe someone else can weigh in.

You can always use the bubble app connector plugin to connect two different apps :slight_smile:

Ah yes - the connector - so is it better to build within the same project or use the connector plugin and build 2 separate projects? I ask because I know in the mobile app on the index you check “native mobile app” so was wondering if that will affect the ability to build the web version within the same project.

I am so interested in your use case so can you please tell me, if you have found a way to build the two versions (Web & Mobile) as one project. Thanks!