Connect with MySQL database (localhost)

How can I connect my MySQL database, stored on my local server, to Bubble? I conducted some research and discovered that I can achieve this by utilizing either an SSH tunnel or a VPN. I already have a VPN set up on my server, but I lack experience in this area. Could someone provide guidance on how to proceed?

It is necessary for me to maintain my database running locally as I have a functional system operating within the company. However, I would like to integrate certain parts of my system with Bubble.

Thank you!

Hello @gabrielwerle ,

Did you figure out how to solve this? I’m facing the same issue.

Thank you!

To do this you need to expose your localhost to a public port that would be accessible and you would have to connect directly to your router/modem IP.

There is no other way if you’re using a webserver to try to connect to the localhost.

Here is a few links of applications that expose your local servers.

There are a couple of good free(ish) services that let you do the same. Ideal for showing something quickly during development/testing - you don’t want to rely on a local database for production, unless of course it’s a sophisticated & dedicated machine on a business line.

Links as follows: