Connecting App (made on bubble) with hardware device

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I am curious how you connect with hardware devices. I am planning to create our in-house GPS platform. I will install GPS hardware on our trucks and will use to access them. I understand this is via API, but where do you start?

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You’ll need the GPS, (obviously), then the GPS requires an internet connected computer that can send the GPS ID and data via a webhook to your Bubble app.

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Hey @janernestgo :wave:

You would be using the API Connector potentially too. That would be under the plugins tab. So you can trigger the API to get the location of the truck you are trying to find, then display it on a map or show the coordinates/address.

Each API is different, so you will have to look at the documentation from your GPS hardware provider to see what they allow you to access.

Does that make sense? Hope that helps. :blush:

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So when you buy a device, it usually has an API or an access portal to which we can connect it via API with our app?

You have to make sure it does. Not every GPS has it. You have to find one that has an API that they give you access to with the data that you need. Does that make sense? :blush:

Thank you very much for your kind assistance

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