Few questions before buying - Can Bubble do these please


I would like to know if with Bubble we can do this on Android:

1)Get user perfect geolocation using the android GPS(and not the mobile pinging which is inacurate). Also not let the user access a page if the GPS is not started via 3G.

2)Communicate with the API of another website using OAuth 2.0.

3)When logged in to the app I would like the users to take a mobile pic and upload it to the API.

If this is possible via Bubble, I am in!

Thank you.

If your happy to go the Plugin route, The new PlugBubble store will be ready shorty. The GPS PRO tools do infact use a devices GPS hardware, it has detection for if and when a user turnit off or has a device with those features, Lon, Lat, Speed, Alt, Directions (Built in Compass Element that allows you to upload tour own image for the face.) and control over the timed intervals for the polling.

Thank you for the reply. Are plugins free or premium?

One thing I would like to know, I have already a user login /password on my own website, is there a way to integrate Bubble with it?

I have create an API on my website Restful, all I need now is to be able to communicate with an Android app.

One thing I am worried about, it looks like Buuble is not Native but just website kind of iframed in an Android app(Hybrid), am I correct to assume this?


I am assuming you haven’t taken the time to sign up or follow along with the tutorials on a Bubble Hobby account (free to try). It would’ve been pretty obvious this is a web app builder platform. Yes, you are correct in that it is required to compile a webview/hybrid Android app if that is the path you wish to take. Keep in mind native apps are not the primary function of Bubble, so you will need to have some understanding of your limitations with going the webview app route. I suggest using the search functionality of the forums and doing some digging. There are many detailed posts revolving around what Bubble is, what Bubble does, and what Bubble intends to make possible in the future along with many of its limitations regarding native app development. I don’t mean to come off as unhelpful; instead, I look at it like teaching a person to fish and not doing all the fishing for you :slight_smile:

Regarding your requirements:

@jarrad has surprised me here and I look forward to testing this GPS plugin, in the meantime you would be stuck with the built-in location workflow which relies on IP geolocation.

Yes, using the free Bubble-built plugin called API Connector and custom workflows, however I recommend testing this out to be sure it will work as you intend. These are your authentication options:


There are generic file upload and image-specific upload options built into Bubble, but taking a photo within an app like you would in a native environment is not possible [in all browsers]. You would need to build your own using JavaScript or custom plugin (even then I’m not entirely sure if this would work) or simply ask users to upload an existing image that they can take using the native photo app on their device. The last couple versions of iOS and certain Android flavors are capable of displaying the “take a picture on your phone” type dialogue when a person clicks on an upload element but it’s not guaranteed and it would not be built in to your app.

Thank you for the reply.
I think I will go with the Android Studio way because web apps are not good for my project, they cannot use the built in functions of Android. A web app is simply just a website that is responsive, I can already build that, no problem. Now a native app maker is what I was looking for.
Yes I did open , 1.5 year ago a bubble account and at that time, I enquired about native apps and Bubble support said that they might work on it, this is why I came back and asked. 1.5 year ago I played with the software but did not find any good use as I already develop my own websites and a web app is not that difficult to create nowadays with all the good frameworks out there(when you are a developer). I had created a web app using an iframe with Intel SDK but the result was not good, no offline mode. I am now using Siberian for this.
Regarding the GPS location, yes I agree, it won’t work it is done via browser, I tested this feature with the Google API and PHP, it was not precise at all, only the built in GPS will work within a 10 meter radius.