Connecting BigQuery API to Bubble API connector Auth

Hi I have been trying to do this all day by asking chatgpt but no luck.

I am trying to connect to BigQuery by using OAUTH 2. Custom Token

ChatGPT says to fill out as I have below

(private key is very long)

The url’s are right as far as I can tell, Idk if the ‘grant-type’ part in the first image is correct though

Has anyone done this before? If so how do you connect to BigQuery

Also I would love to use the SQL database connector but they dont have bigquery yet :frowning: (unless someone knows a way around it)

Did you ever have luck with connecting Bubble to BigQuery? Trying to do something as simple as populating the options of a Dropdown component from a table in BigQuery…feels like I’m nowhere close to making this work.

I created a custom plugin that uses the @google-cloud/bigquery npm package…I’m able to use this to run queries in BigQuery from Bubble. I can show the string-ified response, but I have no idea how to do anything else with it…not sure how to transform this into data that could then plug into a frontend component. Not a very “no code” approach in the first place :confused:

(sorry for bumping an old thread…)

Hey Shawn,

I was able to connect Bubble to BigQuery using Bubble API connector and GCP Cloud Functions to receive the calls and sign the JWT.

In the screenshots, you can see the code from my GCP Cloud Function and an example API Call from Bubble API Connector to the relevant BigQuery table ID.
I can use the fetched data to display in RGs and more and it works well.

I hope this helps!



Very interesting, I’ll have to give this a shot. Thanks for the assist!

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Thanks for this example, how did you manage authentication for the cloud function?

Hello… I have some questions about google function, could you help me please?