How to Connect Google Cloud SQL using Bubble SQL Connector

Hi there.

I am trying to create an app using bubble.
There is one question about Bubble SQL Connector Plugin.

How do I change set up example as following??

mysql://username:[email protected]:PORT/db_name

I would like to connect Google Cloud SQL database using Bubble SQL Connector Plugin.

Here is my idea.

  • mysql → SQL Type such as mysql, postgres, windows sql
  • username →GCP Database username
    password → GCP Database password → ???
    PORT→up to sql type
    db_name→ db name

Please give me advice if you have any solutions.
Thank you!!

I did it!

Here is my answer.


<username>:Database username <password>:Database Password <host>:GCP Cloud SQL Public IP address <dbname>:Database name

I checked Heroku Docs.


@okamoto hello ! thanks for your post :wink:
I have a question regarding this post, how do you set up the IP adress ? do you open it to all trafic ? I asume you work with a dedicated plan since personal plan does not have a fixed IP
thanks !

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Thank you for checking my post.
You mean all traffic can access to the IP address when anyone knows the IP address, right??
If so, yes. I have to use a dedicated plan, so I skipped using Bubble SQL Connector because it is worried about security.
Thank you.

@okamoto thanks for your reply.
dedicated plan will be too expensive for me - i ll have to find another solution :wink: but thanks

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No problem.

i ll have to find another solution

Sounds good. Could you share me with your solution if possible???

@okamoto I heard that we could set up something like this : AWS Lambdas with a static outgoing IP | by Financial Engines TechBlog | Financial Engines TechBlog | Medium


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