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Connecting api

Has anyone had experience with

I would appreciate in advice on how to set it up, I’m hoping to use it as part of my user signup flow.

Made a video showing you how to do it.

Hope it helps

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Wow, thanks for the response.

I was hoping to use the api (via api connector), rather than the links. The idea is that I would then have access to these flags and countries in my database.

I have actually gone with a different approach, I have uploaded a CSV of countries and flags and done it this way as I was wasting so much time trying to figure out the api connector.

I appreciate you taking the time to make a video, thank you.

What is the link for the api documentation…on the site you linked I can’t find any reference to an API they provide

Try this. Then save back to the database.

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Yeah this was why I gave up, I assumed it was so simple that it didnt need api docs which made me annoyed that I couldnt do it haha.

Also, is there any way to re-order a database into alphabetical? Or do I need to organise the csv then re-upload it?

You can not reorder the order in which they are entered into the database…however, when you display them to a user you can sort them by the text field to make it alphabetical.

If it is just for you in the database to see it in alphabetical order, you can click on the title of the field in the app data section to sort it by that field…will work on text and dates too.