Connecting to an Excel spreadsheet for sending and receiving data

Hi all

I’m new to Bubble so still learning a great deal. This may be a simple one to answer.

I’d like to utilise user inputs to run some complex calculations in an Excel spreadsheet (utilising multiple tables, vlookups, other calcs etc) and then return an output from that spreadsheet to Bubble.

I understand there are various Google Sheets APIs, Handsontable and the Airtable API but not sure if this will do what I need. I’m quite advanced at using Excel so would prefer to upload my own spreadsheet to Bubble and then reference that directly in the app.

Ideally I want to avoid using third party software to mimic my spreadsheet.

So something like this setup;

  • User inputs XXX in Bubble and clicks a button
  • Workflow triggered to input XXX into my spreadsheet
  • The spreadsheet does all the complex calcs and updates cell A1 with the output value
  • Cell A1 is referenced from the spreadsheet into Bubble to display the output value from the calcs done

Can anyone help please?

Might be worth recreating all the math in Bubble and eliminating the need for an Excel sheet.

Maybe someone else can chime in, but I’m aware of services that can convert Excel files to other types, but not sure you can tell it to just “Look at cell A1”

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Recreating the math in Bubble is what you’d need to do. And there are plenty of plugins to be able to handle big calculations and with bubble, there’s no need for vlookups etc. just create your data table the way your excel file headers are and start storing your data there and querying it

And you can upload your excel sheet directly to bubble
and export


Long time ago I was trying to use google extension called “Webhooks for Sheets”

Try to check in, as I just found it’s possible to make POST and GET requests