How Do I Best Perform Complex Date Calculations?

Hi everybody, I’m thrilled to have discovered bubbles - such an awesome tool!

After spending a few hours testing things, I need some help from more experienced people. Here’s the use case:

The app I want to build, is basically a clone of a Google sheet that I built. This sheet performs some complex date calculations and I find it unlikely, that bubbles can perform these.

Thus I assume, that I will have to build an app that basically appends a row of data to this sheet, which then performs additional calculations with the data in the row and among all rows. Then I will have to display the result of these calculations in bubbles.

I figured I could use the bubbles API to post and get data from Google Sheets.

My question: is this the best way to go or do you have any other/better ideas?


Please help - I’m desperate here :sob:

bump… i have same problem.

If you’re able to run the calculations directly in Bubble, then that’s going to be easiest. There are some plugins that extend Bubble’s calculation abilities a bit if that helps.

If that’s not practical, then you can definitely connect to an API to run the calculation in Google Sheets or elsewhere. We’ve mostly set-up our algorithms in custom code and hosted them on Amazon Lambda. This works well. I suspect using Google Sheets is pretty much the same although I haven’t used it’s API in a long time. Plus, based on your scenario, it sounds like it’d be a straightforward implementation.

This will trigger a webhook to your app’s API after Sheets has completed your calculations. Make sure to enable your app’s API in the settings tab of the editor.

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