Connecting to Firebase APIs

I am trying to connect to Firebase Cloud Messaging APIs and using this url as the guideline.

But I am kind of lost in the settings that need to be put in API connector on the basis of this. I tried various combinations of what I could think of in terms of authentication types, keys, url etc but could not do it.

Does anyone have a setup that is working? Could you share your settings?

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Thanks @lathiyakrunal21 for the reply.

Yes, probably on high level those are the steps I am doing. But problem is in knowing exactly what goes behind that each one sentence. I wish it was as simple as knowing that these are the steps.

Like I said, I am getting lost in what settings to put in API Connector and how to make it work in Bubble’s context.

I really hope you intended to help really and didn’t just want to put a link back to your website for SEO purpose.

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