🎉 Connecting TypeSense Using the Bubble API Connector (No Plugin)

This is how my search by Typesense looks like

Are you using the API call directly in the repeating group? Also, what does your schema in Typesense look like. Have you checked that all of your search parameters are indexed?

Yes, I am using the API call directly,

And here is how my schema looks like

It all looks right to me. I have just looked over your videos, I believe the lag you are seeing is the delay in Bubble that recognises the change to the input field and then the execution of the API call to update the repeating group. So, you can implement the plugin suggested by @J805 and see if that helps. Additionally, I have found that adding the API call, in your case “TypesSense - Search (blog_display)” as the data source, in a group, in a hidden popup, to return the API call, and then using “hidden group Body Hit’s” as the repeating group’s source, can have a better outcome and reduce the perceived lag that you are seeing (as the repeating group only updates when new results are available). For the small number of results you are using, Bubble will be almost instant in returning the results and updating the repeating group data, but this speed degrades the more results and filtering required which is where typesense comes in.


@ahmed.khodeir.87 I have been doing some testing and have found that using this plugin: Instant text Plugin | Bubble and passing the Live Text’s Value into the Typesense query in the repeating group removes a lot of the lag you are experiencing in bubble. Let us know how you get on.

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No it doesn’t, it doesn’t make any difference.

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Sorry to hear that. This solution worked perfectly for me. I would be interested to know what you discover.

Hi, @adamKB an update,

Using Typesense Plugin eliminates this issue, plus it supports secure search-only API keys :wink:

Check it out:

Perfect. I will check it out.
Thanks for the update and glad you have found a solution that works for you.

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