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Lightning Fast Search / Search as you type with Typesense

If you are looking to improve your repeating groups’ performance when you search for items, or if you want to search millions of records in milliseconds but don’t want to pay a ton of money for Algolia’s expensive fees, you need to check Typesense Search engine ( Algolia’s cheap alternative )

If you’ve heard about ElasticSearch or Algolia, a good way to think about Typesense is that it is The much cheaper alternative of Algolia :wink: yet with the same Powers.

Try it out yourself:

and you can do much much more than this example with Typesense and instantsearch.js.

To integrate Typesense with your bubble app, you can use Typesense Plugin :

which will enable you to do the following:

  1. Create & Delete a collection (Data types) in your Typesense Cluster.
  2. Add & Delete a document to a specific collection.
  3. Update or Alter a Collection.
  4. Modify an existing field.
  5. Have a Custom search input that will search for records as you type.
  6. Add Instantsearch.js widget for more customization to your search experience.
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Hey @ahmed.khodeir.87, we’re using your plugin (non-advanced solution) at the moment. It’s fantastic! Couple of points I’d like to raise.

  1. We’re currently not in need of sorting or pagination but both divs are required to be visible on the page in order for Typesense to work. Is it possible for you to make implementing sorting and pagination optional on the plugin side?

  2. Expanding from the question above, the Sort Label fields and 3 Sort By fields also seem to be required. Is it possible to make them optional as well?


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@dbevan all you need is to use the advanced connector ( we call it advanced because you can add or remove or modify any widget of instant search ) and within the "Search Widgets Code you just need to add the following “Keep”:


//this is the widget needed to create a custom search and to enable bubble input to be the search inbox

container: “#search-box-id
hitsPerPage: properties.items_per_page

Here is also a quick video of how it is done:

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Great! Thanks for the quick response @ahmed.khodeir.87. I’ll reach out if I have further inquiries. Great work!

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@dbevan Will be more than happy to support you anytime :slight_smile:

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Just to provide an update, the Advanced solution is working perfectly. Your suggested changes have eliminated the need for me to provide unnecessary sorting and pagination divs. Cheers!

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@dbevan that’s amazing :slight_smile: please let me know if you needed any further assistance :slight_smile: