Typesense : Algolia's cheap alternative

If your aim is to have a RG, with a lightning fast / search as you type search input + sort by drop down + pagination + Way much cheaper than Algolia then check out this plugin :


Hi Ahmed, sorry for my ignorance, what does RG stand for?

No worries man,
RG= Repeating Group


showing of my newbie medal here! Forwarded your plugin to my developer, we’ve got millions of records to search through, I’m concerned about speed and cost of our search MVP

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Take a look at what Typesense can search (28.9 million records) :

The only limitations are as follow:

  1. Typesense can view not more than 250 items per page “a page is a page at Typesense side, yet it is the same page for all Typesense pages in bubble”
  2. The Plugin now can only provide ( Search as you type searching capabilities PLUS Sort by 3 criteria "for example Default+ high price + low price " PLUS Auto pagination BUT doesn’t provide filters capabilities yet.

Looks cool! Does Typesense allow for privacy or permissions on content, or is mainly for public data?

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can you give an example?

@blokdijk We have added new actions to the plugin like ( Delete a collection, Update or alter a collection, Modifying an existing field ) & we have added a new Advanced Connector where the developer can add more features to the search experience like filters, or range slider.

Here is the page where it uses the new advanced connector added to its code the Filters feature “Called refinement list” + Pagination + Custom sort by + Custom search Bubblynova | Typesense


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@mike35 YES! it does, all you need to create is Secure Search Only API keys, create a good UX, and give multiple Secured Search Only API keys to different categories of users or to different pages.
This can be done now by the new upgrades tp the Typesense Plugin.

Can I populate repeating groups with the indexed content, like we can do with Bubble’s Algolia plugin?

@dan.artmx Yes you can,
Side note: “Indexes are called collections in Typesense”.