Constrain an RG to only show today's bookings

So I have an RG with a list of bookings. The booking itself got a “time” which is a range. How do I constrain the RG to only show “today’s bookings”?

Thanks in advance!

Very briefly - use a filter on your search then advanced - extract the day out of the booking date and compare it to current date and time’s extracted day


Thank you for your answer. That’s the problem, I don’t know how to extract the day since it’s a range.

This is what I get:

I use the “:filtered”, that’s correct, right?

So the time is a range - what about the booking date is that not just a date/time ?

Yes filtered is correct but you can’t do what I suggested with a range. You might be able to do it with contains - current date/time!


The thing you’re looking for is if the range “contains point”. Search my various writings here about “date/time” for a LOT of detail on this. You might also search for @keith “date range”. It will likely help!

@simon The booking date is a range and it needs to be like that.

@keith I tried to use the “contains point” but it didn’t work.

I added a second field on the booking, which is a date. Thought it was easier and saved me some time.

Thank you both for your help!

Let range be a bubble date range.

Range:contains point Current date/time

… will be true if the range includes today at this moment

Let us now say that range is a date range that is of a total duration less than one day and that both the start and end points of range are always the same date part.

In that case, range happens on today if either range’s start or range’s end (pick one) :formatted as mm/dd/yyyy is Current date/time:formatted as mm/dd/yyyy

Got it now?

Got it! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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