Filtering the objects by availability dates

Hi, i could not find an easy solution to filter out the objects by availability dates.
Use case:
There are public conference rooms.
Each room can be booked for minimum one day (so we are not talking about times here).
One room can have multiple booking periods saved as object “Booking”, where booking period defined by StartDate and StopDate.
The “Room” object has a field “Bookings” which is a list of object of type “Booking”.
User enter two dates “UserStart” and “UserStop” and he wants to book a room for one (!) day.
I need to show available rooms for which:

  1. they are not booked during the period UserStop-UserStart
  2. Is partially booked, so there may be some days where room is not booked during this period.
    Thanks for help!

As there are no replies, and having look at other forum posts, i conclude there is a major lack of time/date-related functionality in Bubble which will make developing projects with bookings or like this a nightmare. Probably need to find another platform or use good old .net.


It sounds like using the date range feature could make this easier for you. It basically saves a FROM and TO date (and time) automatically in one field, instead of two. It also allows for some filtering like is time X contained within the date range, or are two date ranges overlapping.

Bubble still lacks some out-of-the-box functionality with time/dates, that’s true (time zones can be quite difficult to work with for example), but for what you’re describing I think you should be able to do fairly easily.

Have you checked it out?

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