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Container Layout should be a conditional option - essential for mobile! Webflow already has this

This is so basic. Row layout gets messed up on mobile. It’s essential to be able to change layout to column / row and reverse the order of stuff based on conditionals. Please @nickc !


Heard loud and clear! We are working on something that would make this easy to implement :slight_smile:



Love it!! Cant wait! Thanks for replying.

Yes! This fixes a huge problem I have. What kind of an ETA is there for something like this to make it into the editor?


Switching the order would also be pretty great.

You can achieve this effect with custom css for now. You just change the type of flex it is at a certain page width. If you need more insight let me know.

Yeah it’s annoying cause you can’t see it on the editor, but it works.

I feel like a plugin could take care of this, but not really motivated to do that if they are making a fix soon. IDK.