CONTAINS Constraint not always working

Hi all,
I found that the CONTAINS constraint will work under certain circumstances only. Say I have I field “REF” with many entries with values like:

Now say I want to retrieve all the entries with “Key” in it, the CONTAINS constraint won’t work (REF contains “Key”). Neither if I want all the ones containing “Second”, the expression REF contains “Second” will found nothing.

But if I look for “KeyFirst” or “_txt” it’s gonna work. As if numbers and underscores could be used as separators but not letters.

If find it’s a bug since “KeyFirst1_txt” DO contains “Key” and the search won’t find it. (Not in a “do a search”, :filtered or even in the Data tab of the editor).

Now that I’ve been working on my app for a month, it’s a bit too late to change the way my entries are made… Will have to find a workaround

It’s kind of a bug, but it work that way. Any none letter act as a space in search mode. If you simply rename your key words, than it will work (faster work around I found :slight_smile: ).

KeyFirst1_txt will become Key_First1_txt.

It would work, but I already have so much workflows and element referring to those entries that I prefer to keep them that way.

Lesson to remember: Camel Case nomenclature is to avoid in Bubble… Snake Case is better.

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I found that Make Changes to a List of things can do the job of renaming pretty fast. Yes, we learn all kind of lessons in this adventure :slight_smile:

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