Content before a floating group / background

Hi All,
Is there a way in Bubble to create a floating group / background image which is at the back? I would like the text and other contents to appear in front of the floating group / background. For example:

If you shrink the page, you should see what I mean.

Modified The link needs to be opened from a mobile device to see exactly what I mean.

Many thanks!

Take a look at this thread first. Feel free to follow up with questions.

Thank you so much for your suggestion. What I need is the text to appear before the floating image.
I created a quick example:

I cant get the text ant other contents to appear front of the floating image.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

Cursory suggestion (there may be a more appropriate way):

  1. draw your text inside of a floating group. Set that floating group as floating relative to noting
  2. draw your image inside of a different floating group. Set that floating group as a floating group relative to top.
  3. “Send to back” for the second floating group and then “Bring to front” for the first floating group.
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Thank you for your help on this issue. There are a few things that needs some workaround, however your suggestion is a good start.

Thank you!