context.uploadContent() - What's it for?

Can anyone shed some light on when/how this function might be used? An example would be ideal. I have no clue what it’s for. Is it related to plugin properties somehow? :thinking:

Upload file to Bubble Storage.

Thanks, @Jici. So it’s a function to invoke and not a handler to implement then? I haven’t yet used plugin properties of type “file”, but I was assuming Bubble handled those uploads automatically, right?

If that’s the case, then is context.uploadContent() for creating a file on Bubble storage from arbitrary data generated or retrieved by the plugin?

It’s for uploading any base64 encoded information that you send through the plugin to that method.


Ok, so it’s completely unrelated to plugin properties. Thanks for the clarification.

It also seems that similar functionality is not available in a SSA. So I couldn’t, for instance, fetch data server-side and then save it to Bubble storage. :neutral_face:

Yes, as long as you fetch B64 :slight_smile: Then you could save it to Bubble which will give you a S3 URL in return.