Convert Bubble App into a Desktop App

We’ve all discussed the various ways for converting a Bubble app into a native mobile app. I’m wondering about native desktop applications. As a user of quite a few modern business apps, I notice this a growing trend.

It looks like Apache Cordova supports windows builds and and it looks might do it for Mac. Does anyone have ideas on how to create desktop apps for Mac AND Windows from a Bubble web app?


Hey @supernaturally,

Electron is a fantastic (and hackable) cross-platform tool for desktop app building. Though it’s meant to contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript you write yourself, it also supports webview tags to give a native desktop feel to your web applications. Some of the most popular unofficial desktop versions are powered by Electron. It’s noteworthy to mention that Nylas, Wordpress and Slack’s desktop apps are also Electron-powered. :slight_smile:


Excellent, this look incredible. I use Slack daily…mind blowing that the their experience is Electron-powered.

Electron seems awesome, however, I’m not sure how to convert from bubble to its system. This might be an obvious question but I am a complete bubble newbie!

What would the steps for getting a bubble app create for desktop via electron look like?


Any help with this? I’d like to do it as well.

I’m working on this, but running into lots of problems at the moment. I’ll update once I can get over my hurdle in a couple of weeks. Will likely build it in nw.js if problems persist.

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Ok… thanks for the reply!

@supernaturally Any progress on converting a Bubble app to a native Mac app?

You can give it a try with this

I used it about a year or two ago and it worked. It’s a great product, though likely on the higher end of budgets.

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