Windows desktop application

Very exited about discoveing bubble. Is it possible to make a database app for windows desktp. Storing and presening fugures. I will read all tutorials first. Looks great.

Hey Alan,

I can only talk to my own experience. Look at my posts in the following threads.

Keep in mind it will need internet to work. No offline mode.

Ok thanks for that. I have een using a windows pc developer package anyway. I have also been using phprunner but was looking for something different I think,hope this is it. I was going to create a package for my Scout Troop finances etc. Is there anywhere with good demo’s etc.
Thanks again.
Alan f

I recommend nativefier which is Basically a Done for You Electron build.

If you want more control with added complexity you might use Electron from scratch.

Hi thanks for your reply. Electron nativefier not quite sure what these are? Sorry.

Is it worth upgrading from hobby to the next level?
Thanks for your help so far.