Convert Bubble app to Chrome extension

Is it possible to convert a Bubble app to a Chrome extension without code or even with minimal code?

I have a simple app which collect information about job applications that people want to store or track. So a Chrome extension which could read data when called upon on any job board and auto populate the fields would make it much easier for users.

Is there a way to do that ?

A Bubble app can’t be converted to a Chrome extension, but you should be able to move data between your Bubble app and a Chrome extension using Bubble’s data API and workflow APIs. However, AFAIK, this would require some “coding” to create the Chrome extension which would make the calls to Bubble.

Any good tutorials that I can refer to?

Have a search for WebDGap.

It is possible to turn a bubble “app” into an extension, although how you would read the page data is another question.

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Sweet! :+1:

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I must admit I was surprised it worked :slight_smile:

As you indicated though, moving data between Bubble and the web page would likely be the “stick point”.

It’s definitely doable with JS code, and Google Chrome extensions are well documented.

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