Convert creation date into " x Day ago or minute" and Moment.js not working

i want to convert date and time a comment is created into something like 5 minute ago from the time it was created, i tried using Moment.js but it is not displaying, any help pls

Have you tried this…

@louisadekoya yea this is the plugin am talking about, it does not display anything

This is a current issue with the Moment.js library and bubble. Bubble is currently working on it.

okay thanks but till then, what other method can i use

I haven’t been able to find an alternative workaround as of yet. Will post back when I do.

It still works just fine on the demo page. I just checked. What exactly is the issue you’re having? I’m aware of a conflict that arises when used with other plugins that use the moment.js library but other than that, it should work as far as I know. Show your setup if you can.

am not using any other moment.js plugin, the problem is it does not appear at all on the page

@louisadekoya his is a screenshot of my editor

am i doing anything wrong?

I use this plugin with no problem, you are not referencing it kolade…

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Hi @kolade199, yes, as @danielowega says, you need to reference the plugin element’s value. The element itself will not show anything and you can make it as small as you like in size on the page.


@danielowega @louisadekoya oh God, thanks Guys it was my error, i never knew i will have to reference it. thanks

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